5 crucial facts you should be aware of when choosing PV inverters

The Great Firewall could cut you off from your energy supply

Chinese laws make it mandatory for Chinese companies to operate cloud services in China. Given the fact that Chinese Internet censorship technologies are becoming more and more effective, this might be a threat to your energy supply.

Many PV companies, including SMA, offer a cloud based remote management system to operate, control, and maintain PV systems. But when it comes to our competitor, their cloud service comes with a possible catch: The servers for their remote management system are located in China.

And that leaves the stability of the cloud service for your PV system subject to the Chinese government and unfortunately, the Chinese government has demonstrated that it has a short circuit when it comes to Internet control and censorship.
The Great Firewall and how it works
For example, in 2009, the Chinese government completely blocked Internet access in the northwestern region of Xinjiang and even made Twitter unreachable in Beijing and Shanghai.

Last, in 2014, Chinese authorities made Google’s services, including Search, Gmail, Calendar, and Translate largely inaccessible. This was the biggest attack on Google in China and happened around the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen protests in 1989.

These are just some examples of the many occasions in which Chinese authorities proved that the infamous “Great Firewall,” part of the Golden Shield Project surveillance and censorship program, is a highly effective tool of controlling data transmission in China. 

Therefore, it is absolutely warranted that everyone running a PV system thoroughly examines the safety of having their data on servers that are located in China. Given the widespread capabilities the government has to control and even shut down major access to the Internet, it is possible that censorship measures could also lead to a shut down of your electricity supply.